“The development of our talent is crucial to the successful growth of our industry. We can only maintain the respect of our clients by ensuring our people have the right skills, knowledge and capabilities to deliver brilliant and effective ideas. This has never been more important than now if agencies are to be in the best position to help their clients maximise growth opportunities as the economies across Europe begin to improve. The EACA is committed to supporting the training needs of the industry and I recommend you make full use of the International School’s outstanding trainers and courses.” Olivier Fleurot, CEO MS&L Group, ex-President EACA

This course drew more than twice the number of top executives expected from the industry, in no time at all – proving there is a great need to have precision tools tailored to the industry and the market situation. One of the great benefits of EACA organised workshops is the opportunity to share the experiences of different markets in a rapid, cost-effective and fun way – it’s really about putting the effort together as a branch.Markus Leikola,CEO, MTL Finnish Marketing Communications Agencies Association

 Brilliant. The workshop sessions were practical, constructive and useful and the facilitation of swapping issues and stories amongst CEOs was fantastic. Other CEOs told me they didn’t have the time to attend. Pity. I, like them, could have stayed in the office looking at my 2010 budget for the umpteenth time, or spent four hours thinking about the bigger picture. 240 minutes very well spent.Orlaith Blaney, Managing Director McCann Erickson, Dublin


Micky Denehy’s workshop fuelled a number of CEOs with enthusiasm, which in these troubled times, is a tool in itself to win new business. The tools taught by Micky himself gave insights beyond every expectation. We’ll bring back Micky any time!Björn Rietz, CEO, Swedish Association of Communication Agencies

Micky helped me put recession in perspective. He is a great presenter, full of positive energy and enthusiasm but also with a solid case of past data. For me personally, it was time well spent with excellent advice both on how to keep people’s spirits up within the agency and on helping clients through it.Effie Karakitsou, Magnet Advertising, Greece



The EACA workshop in Copenhagen was absolutely spot on. The combination of insights from case studies presented by Micky (Denehy) and the workshop format worked very well and increased the relevance. Micky was brilliant at pinpointing the need for focus on sales in general and strategies for presenting the brilliant ideas we create in the industry. In my company the workshop has helped the transition from ‘order production’ to proactive selling and understanding of our offer in the market – something valuable for any company.Jens Krog, CEO Advance, Copenhagen


The EACA CEO Marketing through the Recession/New Business Skills workshop, delivered by Micky Denehy, has really helped me to focus on what’s most important in times of economic downturn, namely new business! In order to win new business you usually have to win pitches. Micky’s workshop has made me realise again that probably the most important aspect of a pitch is not so much the content – that’s a qualifier – but the pitch strategy and especially to what extent you are able to communicate with the client on an emotional level. Micky’s longstanding international career as new business developer allows him to draw from a personal and multi-cultural experience that is valuable for any CEO of an advertising agency Peter Jansen, President Romanian Association of Advertising Agencies and President Cohn & Jansen/Ashley & Holmes

The main value of the workshop was that it collected several independent studies, from several decades, so it gave a historic perspective about general recession learning. As it came from respected researchers, it was seen by our clients as real credible, and non-agency biased, information. Almost all of our clients are ‘recession virgins’, considering the short (20 years) time period since Hungary lives in a non-socialistic economic model. Therefore many of them faced such a crisis for the first time, feeling totally unsecure and were therefore hungry for anything that can help their decisions. We shared with our clients the key points of the workshop. Already a result: one of our clients who previously cut all its advertising for 2009 due to economic reasons, now came back with a reasonable budget for the rest of the year, which in our opinion will help them to maintain or even build their market share! Zsuzsa Czagler, MPG, Hungary

The workshop helped a lot in enhancing everyday strategic thinking and our attitude in case of pitch presentations!Adam Mero, Mindshare, Hungary




 In downturn periods, where – as a first step – the majority of CFOs is cutting advertising budgets, it is obvious that we are highly affected and invest a lot of our time to discuss about the forthcoming difficulties. The CEO Marketing through the Recession/New Business Skills workshop indicated that something which is seen as a negative can be turned into an opportunity by performing proactively, motivating people and building stronger relationships with clients.Katerina Tsobanakis , BBDO, Greece

The training generated plenty of useful insights and thoughts to approach my clients on how to rationalise to continue to maintain media budgets. I particularly liked the quotes from marketing decision makers from many different categories, which made my remarks even more relevant in front of my clients.Zsolt Simon, President of Hungarian Agency Association & CEO, Mediaedge:cia



The New Business Skills Workshop was a great experience. Micky is a wonderful presenter, full of energy and his enthusiasm is… contagious! Everything said and presented was concrete, relevant and sounded so right and evident that it made you wonder why you don’t do these things in every new business effort and in every pitch!Christina Akouri, CIVITAS, Athens


It was a great surprise and an unexpected experience. What a big pleasure to meet someone like Micky who is able to give you his energy, his conviction and a strong recipe against business recession… and more than that, who is able to give you new reasons to love your job and really go through the ‘unique way of thinking’ of globalisation’s current main actors and competitors.Louis Valente, DDB Ciel et Terre Health, Paris

 Micky helped me understand that there is still (and there will always be) magic in advertising.Vassilis Mourdoukoutas, Strategic Planning Director, Leon & Partners, Athens

 I went for a 2 hour session despite knowing the subject very well already, but found there was still plenty of learning and improvement to experience during the workshop. Different ways to look at the new business process always come up and it is always a joy to learn with someone as experienced as Micky.Miguel Simoes, Leo Burnett, Lisbon

Energising advice and input at a time when that was needed. Helping us all to see the glass as half full, instead of half empty. The workshop was about helping us to remember crucial things we had forgotten, as well as sharing new insights. Time well spent!Hans Sydow, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden & Chairman of the Advertising Association of Sweden



Micky Denehy gave us some very useful tools during The EACA CEO Marketing through the Recession/New Business Skills workshop. He showed us how to cope with recession times, reminding us that these times could be used to create competitive advantages for the brands that we take care of. He based his demonstration on real historical examples. We also learned a lot from the charts dedicated to new business… There’s so much intelligence invested in that crucial phase of the relation with our clients, that we often forget the way we deliver it… and then miss the real aim: convince and seduce them to go for a long lasting relationship.Marie-Pierre Bordet, Managing Director AACC France

EACA Summer School 2013 testimonial video click link to watch



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