The School was launched in 2009 by the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA).  Its purpose is to help raise professional standards across the communications industry by training and developing the skills and talents of its practitioners.

To do this, we have recruited 20 experienced trainers, all of whom have many years experience both within communications agencies and as professional trainers.  Our vision is to become the premier pan-European training and education partner for the communications industry.

The EACA believes that it is only by raising their members’ professional standards that communication agencies will increase both their real and perceived value in the eyes of their clients and thereby ensure that their long term contribution is more highly valued and, ultimately, they become more profitable.

“The School has been developed for the benefit of all EACA members, and will continue to consult with them to ensure it offers the training and direction that brings maximum value. The success of the EACA International School is in the long term interests of all our members.”

Dominic Lyle, Director General, EACA

In planning the curriculum, we have focused on the three key skill areas required by practitioners throughout the industry:

Craft Skills The specific skills that individuals in the different communication disciplines require to do their jobs; these will range from creative, media and strategic skills to finance, production and writing/presentation skills.

Business Skills The skills needed to understand business, looking at how client companies work, the roles and interaction of the different departments and the role of marketing, sales, communication and procurement, and the central roles of finance and operations.

People Skills The softer skills needed to work in, and manage, teams and ultimately run agencies. They include skills such as change management, team building, leadership, negotiation, feedback and coaching.

The courses are designed as full one or two day programmes.  They will be in English and run in any market as requested by the local national associations and agencies, with our trainers ready and willing to travel into any country to deliver inspiring and effective training.

If you are interested in attending or sending a delegate to any of our courses please contact your local National Agency Association who will be able to give you details of which courses are being run in your market, or use the booking enquiry form at the back of this prospectus.

The EACA can also offer a unique service where we will work with local agencies to create a bespoke training strategy for your business. Having a more planned approach to training and development can often save money and stop training being a knee-jerk reaction to events. Training and development should be a key building block in helping to meet your agency’s business objectives.

If you would like to discuss how the School could help to develop a specific training programme for your agency please contact Micky Denehy directly.

+44 (0)7931 957836


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